Why see me?

My areas of expertise are in family functioning, depression, and anxiety.  I excel at remedying family process, such that goals are achieved and problems are eliminated.  In addition, I work successfully with individual clients to heal emotional wounds and frame today's challenges in ways that make them manageable.  In addition to serving as a psychotherapist, I teach at the American Military University with students and families under the added stress of overseas deployment.  


There's more to the story.  The truth is that, excepting certain medical issues that require specific training, such as advanced anorexia nervosa or profound schizophrenia, good clinicians meaningfully serve clients of all backgrounds, facing all sorts of challenges. The principal requirement of clinicians in order to do worthy service for our clients, is respectful and insightful empathy. In other words, good clinicians don't have to be subject experts; good clinicians have to be expert listeners.  I have achieved excellent results with clients from various racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds on such challenges as those associated with grief and loss, couple's issues, LGBT issues, sexual abuse, criminality and anti-social behavior, and so on.  I get positive results for my clients because I am an expert listener.